A History of Academic Excellence Since 1990MMS Pouch

Since 1990, Mission Mountain School has developed and pioneered an integrated curriculum which assists young women on the path to finding true self.

We find that metaphoric experiential education and recreational activities provide our students with a safe arena to create and work through life issues.  The inherent drama and adventure associated with adolescence finds an appropriate expression through these activities and counters the depression that so often inhibits emotional growth or causes relapse.

In our spectacular Montana setting, we provide our students with opportunities to successfully initiate their own heroic quest and overcome significant adversity to achieve accomplishment.  This process allows them to build the strength needed to address their emotional issues.

"When I think about MMS... I feel like a walking miracle. I often get chills of gratitude when I stop and take a few moments to think about the progression of my life. It really amazes me."





MMS Diamond Anchor