Colleen Harrington Mentoring“Our focus is on the student. The entire program is carefully designed to help each student to find and celebrate her true self.”

Out of the eight areas of intelligence that we address at our school, our students tend to be gifted in at least two or more of those areas. Conversely they often have deficits or weaknesses in one or more areas.  Generally they tend to be highly verbally skilled with IQs averaging near 120 and some as high as 160. 

There is a good blend of ages and grade level with a balance from youngest to oldest in the student community.  Our students’ age range is between thirteen and eighteen.  We seek to balance the composition of the group in terms of analytical, artistic, musical, inter- and intra- personal, creative and kinesthetic skills and abilities. 

We expect all of our students have one or more interests which engage their creativity and their excitement for learning. Don't be fooled by our small size and rustic setting.  This is not a school for mediocrity.  Our college prep and rigorous curriculum and caring focus supports your daughter achieving her “personal best” in each program area in spite of her past history or present troubles.  Our integrated programs engage even the most concrete learners with flexible scheduling and high interest experiential activities.

Our grading standards are stringent; an A is 94% or better, a B is 85% or better. Our average student’s G.P.A. is 3.25, with a range from 2.70 to 3.90.  The mean combined SAT scores exceed 1600 and range from 1300 to 2200.  During their time at MMS, most students’ SAT scores increase by an average of 10%. 


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