MMS GraduateVirtually all of our graduating seniors attend college. Our graduates have been accepted for admission to over 220 nationally recognized colleges and universities including: Boston University; Tufts; Penn State; Duke; Reed College; Hampshire College; Sarah Lawrence; Mt. Holyoke; Brandeis; Rutgers; Randolph Macon; Wittenberg; Evergreen; Kent State; Ohio State; Columbia; Bryn Mawr; Cal Poly, Berkeley, and the schools in the University of California system; Universities of: Oregon, Montana, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Hampshire, Maine, North Carolina; and Vermont; Davidson College; Carroll College; and Gonzaga, to name a few.

Our students have also gone on to graduate programs at schools such as George Washington University, John F. Kennedy University, Harvard Law School, University of Georgia Law School, and Rice University.

Our Results:
Our students not only change their lives, they learn how to initiate and complete self-change as an appropriate response to problems that life presents.

MMS graduates have gone on to college and studied to become doctors, lawyers, nurses,  psychologists, social workers, counselors, teachers, artists, writers, musicians engineers, and business owners. They have been successful in a variety of endeavors, such as starting small retail businesses and restaurants, teaching high school, practicing law, teaching English in foreign countries, and giving back to their communities by undertaking large-scale community service projects. And many are in the midst raising their own families.

In 2004 – 2005, 11 out of 18 seniors received over $800,000 in unsolicited scholarship offerings. Five members of the graduating of class of 2004 received over $300,000 in unsolicited scholarship offerings to such schools as Whittier, Santa Clara and Chapman in California, Pacific University in Oregon, Antioch College in Ohio, and McLees Rae College in Maryland.


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