“Mission Mountain School creates a sense of an extended family and an intense network of support for its students and in turn for their families. My favorite thing about MMS is its intimacy, support, and encouragement of independence.”

Since 1990 we have been helping families change crisis into opportunity for personal growth. We have provided young women in crisis and their families time out from pain, a start on the road to recovery and the tools with which to continue to heal and grow.

You and your daughter have an extraordinary opportunity. Mission Mountain School is a special place where the tradition of the adolescent journey is still practiced.

Mission Mountain School is designed to provide our students a safe place to fully experience their journey to young adulthood. We promote family values and function as the extended family entrusted with teaching the children and guiding them in the difficult quest of finding their powerful adult selves.

Your daughter seeks and finds her true self at Mission Mountain School and in so doing becomes a powerful young woman with a sense of purpose and responsibility.

We dedicate our energy and resources to producing physically healthy, socially mature, morally aware, environmentally conscious, self-actualized young people.

Our goal is the reintegration of the child into the family and community.

"The dedication and the integrity of the staff provided the foundation for a community where my daughter discovered herself and defined personal values and goals."

MMS Diamond Anchor