The essence of people making

"Being a student at Mission Mountain School is a process of opening your eyes and seeing clearly, healing and moving forward.”

This we believe is the essence of people making.  This process so abounds in the human experience that stories and myths containing these elements are shared everywhere there are people.  They are found in almost every tradition and spiritual system.  In many ways these elements comprise an archetypal or universal description of the process of people making.

For untold thousands of years children have been growing up.  In successful cultures the process is governed by familial and cultural values.  These values are passed on to the children through extended family systems and a series of intentional experiences that support and allow children to act out a metaphoric journey with the key stages as described in our myth.  This helps them understand their gifts, acquire self-worth and become individuals within their culture.

These significant events imbue the child’s experiences with deep cultural meaning, tradition and purpose.  Successful completion of the stages represents systematic development, change and progress through adolescence into adulthood.  The parents provide love, support and encouragement to the child while the extended family and the elders of the culture teach the children and guide them in the difficult process of becoming an adult.

Girls who become adults through this process are remarkable individuals.  They are physically healthy, socially mature, morally aware, environmentally conscious, self-actualized young women invested and involved with their local community.


MMS Diamond Anchor