Friday, August 08, 2008

A Message from John and Colleen

When we think about our work with Mission Mountain School over the last 19 years, we are most proud of our students and their accomplishments as they move forward in their lives. Colleen and I are incredibly grateful to all the wonderful students, families, staff members, colleagues and professionals we met and came to love in the last 19 years. Your efforts made MMS a tremendous success. It has been an amazing experience that deeply touched our lives and hearts. Our students are the reason we believe and trust that there is an essential spirit that guides each person’s life. We feel privileged that we shared some part of their journey. Prior to the birth of our children, our students and MMS were the most important and significant component in our lives. MMS was our family and life work.

For most of the history of Mission Mountain School we placed the needs our students and the school before the needs of our family. The courage and commitment of our students inspired us to work 70+ hour weeks without tiring. Lately, we find ourselves at times exhausted or overwhelmed by the difficult demands of working at MMS and raising our young children. Recent deaths in our families, challenges us to take stock. We recognize that we have reached a turning point. The needs of our children, our increasing age, and the needs of family elders requires us to, in the language of MMS, "face the dragon;" we can not do it all.


Posted by John on 08/08 at 03:47 PM
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