Friday, August 15, 2008

How does one say goodbye and have closure to over 18 years of life work?

It’s the day before the final graduation at MMS and we’re incredibly busy with all kinds of details. Tonight we are hosting a barbeque dinner for the parents and students.

Over the last three weeks we sent out over 500 letters to professionals, staff, parents, students, alums, colleagues and friends of MMS. We apologize to anyone that we may have missed in that initial effort!  Some letters have been returned due to a lack of current addresses. If you didn’t get a letter, send us your address and we will make sure you get one.

Sure, we are tying up loose ends, taking care of paperwork, organizing stuff, people, etc. But in the real tradition of MMS, we know that is not really how one says goodbye. For a time, the busy work is a convenience, an avoidance, and a semi-functional way of managing our feelings through overwhelm. But avoidance is not really the tradition of MMS.


Posted by John on 08/15 at 04:13 PM
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