Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snow on the Swans

The sound of rain woke us this morning. Looking outside, wisps of monochromatic clouds float by in shades of gray and white. The misty rain shroud only allows short, quick glimpses of Cooney Creek, Holland Peak and Rumble Creek. I see snow down at least to Rumble Falls, real snow, serious snow, oh no!

Oh yes, the Missions have even more snow. Visions of an early winter at Mission Mountain School scares me, we are not any where near ready. The roof is leaking in the kitchen, we have no hay or firewood yet and I haven’t fixed the roof on the barn.

Now I am so very grateful for this summer, and how well we have been treated by Mother Nature. I pray for an extended Indian summer. But I feel fall in the air and see it in the golden colors of the sun-cured grasses in the fields. This time of year brings up feelings that swirl much like the mist and rain, visible, yet inchoate.

I work this week mending fences, replacing broken rails, pulling crooked posts, straightening meandering fence lines, piling brush and tending to the land. This gives me time to think and keeps my hands busy. But today is too rainy and cold and I am left with other chores, paperwork, and phone calls. I feed the horses, checking on Lady (the horse) who has a bad wire cut. It is a day for introspection, but I resist, and instead find things to do outside where I can be one with nature. Today that means I get wet, and a little cold. Still, from time to time brilliant rays of sunlight break through swirling clouds illuminating the snow on the mountains and giving a hint of a miraculous rainbow yet to come. So for today, I put my head down and work on little things waiting for the sun to come back and shine again on Mission Mountain School in the Swan Valley. Today, that is enough.

Posted by John on 08/27 at 10:12 AM
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