Our parents

“Having our daughter at MMS
is a pure miracle in all of our lives.”

Our parents want a close family relationship with open caring communication. Their primary goal is healing their child and reintegrating the family. They seek our help to confront dysfunction within themselves and their children. Whether married or divorced, single or widowed, they have an interest in their children’s well being and emotional and mental health.

Our students' parents are goal oriented, informed individuals with a willingness to explore family systems. They hold mainstream spiritual, political and ethical beliefs, are civic minded and interested, if not involved in their children’s education.

They want to develop and experience new family-based recreation skills and activities. They are willing to address and change problem behaviors including workaholism, drinking, smoking or drug use. They are willing to develop contracts with and participate in support groups, and find time for involvement in family programs.

Our parents are interested in having fun with their family and are willing to participate in outdoor recreational activities with their children.


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