“The thing I like best about Mission Mountain School is the complete focus on and dedication to the individual needs of each student.  The physical and emotional time each teacher puts into each girl is remarkable and I believe is what puts MMS far and above any other school of this type that we looked at or researched...

There is a sense of a supportive community... in incredibly beautiful healing surroundings.”

Our parents want a close family relationship with open caring communication.  Their primary goal is healing their child and reintegrating the family.  To do this, they seek our help to confront dysfunction within their children and if necessary within themselves.

Our students are above average intelligence, highly verbally skilled and capable of normal cognitive processing. They have experienced trauma or difficulties at home or school. They may have been chemically dependent or are prone to dependence and may have engaged in or been suspected of substance abuse. They often have displayed significant acting out behaviors within the last 5 years. These include oppositional conflict with parents, family members, teachers, the legal system and others. Many have not performed up to their abilities in academics.

They are often diagnosed by a mental health professional as having an Identity Disorder, Eating Disorder, ADD, Oppositional-Defiant Disorder or other affective disorders. They may have experienced painful and significant events including: divorce of parents; adoption; sexual or physical abuse; or death of a significant other. They have not suffered any irreconcilable traumatic event. They have not been diagnosed with nor do they suffer from borderline or other personality disorders, or psychotic disorders.

The girls at MMS recognize that they have problems and are willing to do the work that's required to receive the benefits of the help they need. As such, there is a very positive peer group of young women who are very much invested in getting well and helping those around them in the process. This positive peer group has perpetuated itself for over seventeen years.


MMS Diamond Anchor