The Process

“MMS was my last chance.  There, I got a new start at life. I learned about hard work, how to identify and express feelings, and how to have healthy relationships.”

Since 1990, Mission Mountain School has developed and pioneered an integrated curriculum, which assists young women on the path to finding true self. Our programs provide multiple opportunities to create metaphors and experience a variety of emotional growth curricula in a wide range of modalities.

The adolescent must explore and develop all aspects of her emerging personality in order to maintain her quest for identity and to become a powerful adult self.  Mission Mountain School sees whole person education as a critical priority, supporting progress through the four stages of emotional growth. We organize the curriculum into four primary components to address individual student needs, which will vary depending on which developmental stage she is in.

We find that metaphoric experiential education and recreational activities provide our students with a safe arena to create and work through life issues.  The inherent drama and adventure associated with adolescence finds an appropriate expression through these activities and counters the depression that so often inhibits emotional growth or causes relapse.

In our spectacular Montana setting, we provide our students with opportunities to successfully initiate their own heroic quest and overcome significant adversity to achieve accomplishment.  This process allows them to build the strength needed to address their emotional issues. Our emotional growth program requires your daughter’s active participation in her journey to discover identity and reach true potential.

For adolescents and families having difficulty, enrollment at Mission Mountain School means letting go of drugs, alcohol, negative peer groups and inappropriate relationships—in fact it means giving up their old lives to start anew.  To most adolescents, giving up their lifestyle and starting a new one is a depressing idea and usually not readily embraced.

But the rewards for such sacrifice can be great. That success is what Mission Mountain School is all about.


MMS Diamond Anchor