Published Papers

"[These papers are] directed toward school administrators, clinical directors, and program directors seeking to understand the important concepts and theory of risk management.

The integrated risk management model and concepts introduced in this paper may also help the referring professional or parents to better evaluate an individual program’s risk management approach and its suitability for different student profiles."

"Our policy of behavior management at Mission Mountain School is designed to protect the dignity of the student, encourage self-regulation and positive pro-social behavior, and compassionately recognize their developmental stage, psychological and emotional issues, and any other stressors that may affect their behavior.

The following consequences are not acceptable at Mission Mountain School: corporal punishment, verbally abusive language, physical restraint except in the case of potential harm to self or others, and denial of a nutritionally adequate diet."

Statements & Presentations

Affiliations & Therapeutic Organizations

EAGALA logoEAGALA -- Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association is dedicated to improving the mental health of individuals, families, and groups around the world by setting the standard of excellence in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

ASCD logoASCD -- the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development-- is a community of educators, advocating sound policies and sharing best practices to achieve the success of each learner.


Struggling Teens -- is published by Woodbury Reports, Inc.

"Our goal is to be the leading online source of information for parents of children making poor decisions, and professionals trying to help those families and professionals working with at-risk teens. The focus is on residential Emotional Growth (Character) schools and programs that work. This includes short and long term wilderness and outdoor programs, home style programs, highly structured boarding schools, therapy boarding schools, RTCs and psychiatric hospitals for children with behavior and emotional problems. All emphasize teaching self-discipline, consequences, responsibility, accountability and improved self-esteem. --Lon Woodbury"

ieca Independent Educational Consultants Association. The professional association of full-time experienced educational consultants.

Few choices have as great an impact as the choice of a school or college. Students and their families can find this decision overwhelming as they struggle to evaluate options and make wise choices. IECA member consultants counsel students and their families in the selection of educational programs, based on the student's individual needs and talents.

Private School logoPrivate School Review -- lets you find free, detailed profiles of private schools and their surrounding communities.


Education Seek -- The all-inclusive directory dedicated to education.

" is a national directory of elementary, middle, and high schools. Education Seek provides profiles on public and private schools in all 50 states. As a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to providing valuable information about the educational organizations across the country."

Family First Aid -- Help for Troubled Teens.

"Are you looking for a teen help school, teen boot camp, or youth program for troubled teens? If so, you've come to the right place. Below you will find links to information about individual residential treatment centers, private schools, troubled teen specialty schools, and military school alternatives for a troubled teenager or problem teen."

Ability -- Help for teens in trouble.

"Ability's Aim's: The Ability Project aim is to show that quality of life is related to how free a person is to make their own choices and for a significant number of disabled people computer technology and the Internet holds the keys to those choices."

My Boarding School -- Why teen boarding schools?

"Of 1,500 private boarding schools worldwide, some 370 are boarding schools in the United States from New York to Florida, California, Texas and all the smaller states in the USA. These private boarding schools are responsible for educating more than 42,500 students in the US alone."

My Troubled Teen -- Youth Programs for your Troubled Teen.

"Need help with your child? Has your teen drastically changed his/her behavior recently? Does your child suffer from ADD, ADHD, ODD, Learning Disabilities, Hyperactivity, or Emotional Abuse? Are you having problems with drug and alcohol abuse, disruptive behavior, lack of respect, talking back, or sneaking out or cutting class? Are you ready to give up?

My Troubled Teen is a directory of troubled teen programs and schools located in North America. Our goal is to help you in your search for a program to fit the specific needs of your child."

Parent Resources -- Your #1 source for advice on troubled teens.

"Parent Resources brings together a vast collection of resources that will help families find their bearings. Including informational articles and books, hotlines and helplines, advice, a directory of related websites, how-tos, recommendations, support, and much more." /

National Youth Network -- Since 1990... helping parents and professionals alike in providing education and information.

"National Youth Network provides an abundance of educational and treatment resources for parents who are struggling to find help for their child and family. If the decision for your child and family is therapeutic intervention, we encourage you to thoroughly evaluate all programs and schools that interest you to ensure an appropriate match based on your family situation. In many instances you may want to seek the assistance of an Educational Consultant or a licensed mental health professional to guide you. "

Boarding Schools in the USA -- Boarding Schools in the USA is the education guide for international students of secondary school age (12-17 years). It has a section on Equine Schools.


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